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Seattle City Attorney to withdraw consent decree motion

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes announced Wednesday that he intends to withdraw the city from the pending motion that is currently before U.S District Judge James Robart to end the federal consent decree. The motion will be withdrawn until the city and its accountability partners can conduct an assessment of Seattle Police Department’s response to the recent demonstrations. … Read More

the Stranger
Supreme Court Blocks Seattle from Adequately Taxing Rich

On the day Gov. Jay Inslee plans to cut programs to help the poor and the middle class, a majority of the Washington Supreme Court justices refused to consider Seattle's appeal of a lower court decision that ruled the city's income tax unconstitutional. The Court doesn't give reasons for rejecting petitions, so we don't know why they did that. … Read More

The Seattle Times
U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to Seattle’s ‘democracy vouchers’

The United States Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge to Seattle’s pioneering “democracy vouchers” campaign-finance program. Two Seattle property owners represented by lawyers from the libertarian-leaning Pacific Legal Foundation asked the nation’s highest court to take the case last year, after the Washington State Supreme Court upheld the program. … Read More

The Seattle Times
Washington state Supreme Court upholds Seattle’s first-come, first-served law for renters

The Washington state Supreme Court has upheld Seattle’s first-come, first-served law for renters, believed to be the first of its kind in the country. In a unanimous written opinion published Thursday, the court rejected claims by landlords who said the groundbreaking law amounted to a regulatory taking of private property and who said it violated their due-process and free-speech rights under the state Constitution. … Read More

The Seattle Times
Seattle, King County to seek injunction stopping Tim Eyman’s $30 car-tab measure, I-976

Saying Initiative 976 would cause “immediate and irreparable injuries to our city,” Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced plans Thursday to file a joint lawsuit with King County that seeks to stop the tax-cutting measure taking effect. The latest effort of longtime initiative sponsor Tim Eyman, I-976 aims to reduce car-tab taxes across the state to a flat $30 and repeal city authority to charge car-tab fees for local transportation projects. It also attempts to roll back car-tab taxes used by Sound Transit. Most of the initiative would take effect on Dec. 5. … Read More