#Hashtag #BallotGuide Part 2 – Seattle

#Hashtag #BallotGuide Part 2 – Seattle

October 31, 2017 / #Hashtag

Seattle City Attorney

Pete Holmes has had a pretty awesome career as city attorney.  Holmes ran for office in 2009 against noted buzzkill Tom Carr, pledging to stop criminal prosecutions for marijuana possession and opposing the construction of a new jail in the city.

Since then, Holmes has helped create a gun surrender program that has removed guns from the hands of domestic abusers and successfully defended the constitutionality of Seattle’s gun tax.

He’s managed to piss off the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, an organization that holds some pretty wild right-wing views and has been actively fighting the Department of Justice’s Consent Decree.

His opponent, Scott Lindsay, believes the Seattle Income Tax is illegal, which is unfortunate because he’s going to have to defend it in court, and has alienated city council members by leaking council initiatives to the public, in an attempt to torpedo things he doesn’t like.  This raises a red flag, to say the least.

Holmes more than deserves another term.  Vote Holmes.