Rebuffing union, Mayor Murray orders Seattle police to begin wearing body cameras

July 17, 2017 / Steve Miletich, Seattle Times

“[Kevin] Stuckey, the guild president, said Murray’s order will make it more difficult to reach agreement on the police-accountability measures and overall contract.

City Attorney Pete Holmes, in a statement, noted Murray’s action “deploys the cameras as soon as possible while continuing to bargain with our police unions in good faith.”

City Council President Bruce Harrell, a longtime proponent of body cameras, applauded the mayor’s decision, saying in a statement, “While we respect the collective bargaining process and have been very patiently working with all parties involved, deploying cameras on our police officers is long overdue.”

Harrell predicted there will be a learning curve. “But we cannot stand idly by and let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” he said.”