Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes endorses I-873 Anti Police Brutality Initiative

In his second term as Seattle City Attorney,  Pete Holmes already had a history of police review and advocacy.  Pete Holmes review of police started with his appointment in 2002 by City Council as an original member of SPD’s first civilian oversight body, the OPA – Office of Professional Accountability Review Board and served as the departments chair from 2003 to 2008. In his first actions as City Attorney in 2010 Pete dismissed all pending marijuana possession cases and the following year became a primary sponsor of Initiative 502 which  legalized marijuana in the State of Washington.
Holmes’ experience in police reform has always shown fairness even in difficult high profile situations and tension and he has earned the respect of many in the community and on both sides of an issue. Pete Holmes’ oversight may be particularly critical now given the current contract negotiations with Seattle Police Officer’s Guild and the community’s distrust of police with recent police shootings.

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