Seattle Police Reform Work Moves Forward

A Federal Judge said Monday that substantial progress has been made within the Seattle police department. It was more than four years ago, that the department was accused of unconstitutional policing. Tiosozenquita . Back then the Justice Department said SPD engaged in a pattern or practice of using unnecessary or excessive force.

City Attorney Pete Holmes said out of 9,300 crisis incidents this year, 149 had reportable use of force and most of it was low level force. Holmes says that is a big improvement. He credits the crisis intervention training police officers have received.

For Holmes, the plan now is to work around the clock on legislation about police accountability. It’s part of the reform process, and he says the proposal will be completed by Labor Day.

“We have expert opinions from in the community and across the country, and I think that now we can really start to hammer out what this permanent system is going to look like for the city of Seattle,” said Holmes.

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